Welcome to Wacky Water World out for Release

Hey all! My third book has officially released! Click here to check it out.

And if you haven’t read the previous entries in the Edania Chronicles series, click here for book 1 and here for book 2.

Here’s the blurb for the third installment:

It’s new. It’s yummy. It’s wacky. Wacky Water has quickly become the newest craze on the Force-Pointe Islands. Even better, a waterpark has opened at the Wacky Water bottling factory. Everyone at Force-Pointe High will be there. Abby can’t shake the feeling that the president of Wacky Water is hiding something. The woman looks like a typical high-powered executive, but there’s something in her eyes that Abby doesn’t like. Something cold. Something evil. At the same time, a mysterious illness is going around school that seems to be connected to Wacky Water. When James has a vision showing the next Ark surrounded by vats of water, the team is tasked to investigate Wacky Water World, but are instructed not to make a scene… What’s the worst that can happen?

Cover by Jenny Ahern (#Aeonpigments)

Be prepared for more character profiles straight from the Edania Organization’s archives starting next week. Until then, happy reading!

New Book Coming Next Week!

Hey, all. Hope everyone is doing well. Spring is almost here, we’re so close to longer days and warmer weather. We’ve just got to hang on a little longer!

To help pass the time, I’m excited to let you know that Welcome to Wacky Water World is set to release next Friday, March 19th! Here’s a peek at the cover:

Cover by Jenny Ahern (#aeonpigments)

Also, from now until the 15th, you can get the first book in the Edania Chronicles series, Bugged Out!, for only $0.99! You can order it here.

That’s all I have this week. Until next time, happy reading!

Book Sale to Celebrate New Release!

Hey, all! It’s going to be a short one today. Just letting you know that I am still set on releasing Welcome to Wacky Water World on Friday, March 19th. To celebrate the release, the first book of the series will be on sale for only $0.99 (in ebook format only)!

The sale is from March 8-15th, so be sure to take advantage of the sale!

Click here to order Bugged Out!, and here to order Escape from Hotel Barbaas. More info on Welcome to Wacky Water World soon, so keep a look out.

Until next time, happy reading!

Character Profile: The Shadow Mantis Queen

From the Edania Organization Archives:

Name: Shadow Mantis Queen

Status: Genetically Engineered Insectoid—Corrupted

Affiliation: Doren Corp.

Primary Dark Segol: Energy Drain  

Secondary Dark Segol: Horde Control

Dr. Barbaas’s greatest achievement, this bear-sized insect is a genetically enhanced mantis that has been infused with the mad scientist’s own Dark-Segol. The Shadow Mantis Queen is highly intelligent, and has gained human speech. It is heavily protected from attacks due to its heavily plated exoskeleton, which is blood-red in color. Its powerful legs allow it to move quickly despite its considerable bulk, and it is able to squeeze into tight spaces.

With the perfect mix of stealth, size and strength, this beast is the perfect hunter. Its powerful pincers are strong enough to fracture bone; its razor-sharp teeth drip with toxic saliva; and its long, strawlike tongue can pierce the body and drain its victim of their life-energy in a matter of minutes. The Shadow Mantis Queen also has wings that are so strong that they can cause small gusts of wind as it takes off.

Its greatest weapon, however, is its ability to produce offspring. These nymphs are much smaller than their mother: each about the size of a rat. However, these nymphs are under their mother’s complete control. They communicate via pheromones, and are connected to their queen via a Dark-Segol link. These mantis nymphs can quickly overwhelm prey twenty times their size by attacking them as a unit. Unlike the queen, the nymphs choose to keep their prey alive at their nest for extensive periods. They tend to keep one victim at their nest during times that fresher prey is scarce.

Shadow Mantis Queen and Nymphs Illustration by Jenny Ahern #aeonpigments

Sneak Peek!

Hey, all! Things are still going forward very well with my third book. As of this second, I am more than halfway through the edited manuscript, so I’m still planning on releasing Welcome to Wacky Water World mid-late March (either Friday, March 19th or Friday, March 26th). I will keep you updated in the coming weeks.

As promised, here is a little sneak peek at Welcome to Wacky Water World, the third installment in the Edania Chronicles series.

*SPOILER ALERT*: if you have not read the first two books, then the following will give away some major plot points. You’ve been warned. If you wish to continue, here is the Doren Report:





“So, Barbaas is dead, is he?” Doren asked from his virtual prison. “Are you sure, Flutura?” 

Flutura bowed before his computer. “Yes, Master.” She looked up at him, feigning sorrow. “When I reached the submerged power plant, the Edanian agents had already caused the Illusion Tree to fall, and Barbaas was crushed under its fractured roots, his body burned from the explosion. There was no saving him. All I could do was acquire the Ark.” She held out a round, flat object with a glimmering yellow jewel in the middle of it.

“So, it was the Ark that caused the disturbance to the lair’s power?” Doren asked.

“Indeed it was,” Flutura answered. “These objects contain such power, the depths of which we cannot even fathom.”

“Then, we must handle it with care,” said Doren. “Well done, Flutura. Place the Ark on the pedestal under the screen.”

Flutura walked to the computer screen and put the Ark on the pedestal right below it. A glass dome closed around it, and the computer analyzed it. The lights in the room began to flicker.

Doren laughed madly. “Excellent! I can feel the barrier keeping me in here weakening from the Ark’s power. We just need the other six and I’ll be free.”

Flutura smiled sweetly. “I’m on it, Master. I will gather the remaining Arks and deliver them to you and—” She shivered as a single drop of water fell onto her forehead. She looked up at the ceiling. Another drop of water dripped on her. Then another.


“What is this?” Doren snapped.  

Flutura tried to find the source. “I don’t know, Master. Perhaps there was a pipe that burst from above when the Ark caused the power outage.”

“That’s not it,” a man’s voice said from behind Flutura.

“Balthazar,” said Flutura as the dripping became a steady flow.

Balthazar appeared from the shadows, his face obscured by his black cloak. “This water is emitting a Dark-Segol energy signature.”

The flow turned into a heavy downpour.

“What is the meaning of this?” yelled Doren.

The torrential downpour suddenly stopped, and all of the water flowed to the central control room’s entrance, forming a large puddle. With a loud roar, a powerful geyser shot out of the puddle.

“I do not mean to intrude, Master Doren. I assure you, I come in peace,” said a soft, feminine voice from inside the torrent.

The geyser opened up elegantly like a liquid rose, and there stood a young woman. She was slender and petite, and had long, jet black hair in a bun surrounded by a vine of blue hydrangea flowers. Her eyes were azure like the sea. Her skin was pale like the moon. She was wearing a furisode kimono that was deep blue with black trim.

“Who are you that you would intrude into my lair?” Doren growled.

The woman gracefully trod to the computer screen and bowed. “My name is Marina, and I’ve come to help with your quest to gather the Arks.”

“And how do you know of our plans for the Arks?” Flutura snapped.

Marina glanced at her and smiled kindly. “Everyone knows of Master Doren’s plan. It’s not much of a secret among the Corrupted.”

Balthazar swiftly appeared behind her and grabbed the back of her neck. “And tell me, little mermaid, from what vile pool did you flop out of?”

A smile remained on her face as Balthazar’s grip grew stronger. “If you please,” she said in an eerily calm manner. Her body liquified and poured out of Balthazar’s grip, then seeped into the ground. A pillar of water shot up from behind him and solidified back into the lovely young woman. “I have been training with Madame Circe of the Olympian Alliance for quite some time. But I left just hours ago when I heard that my dear sister had been brutally murdered by the Edania Organization’s new agents.”

“That flower child was your sister?” asked Flutura, as the thought of the wretch filled her entire being with hatred.

Marina’s eyes became cold as she glared at Flutura. Then her face became as serene as a calm sea. “Thistle was my sister, yes. I’ve come to avenge her untimely and embarrassing demise.”

“You have no right to interfere with our plans!” Flutura snapped.

Marina frowned. “Please, mind your temper. It’s quite unseemly for a woman as beautiful as you. I am simply here to offer my services to Master Doren, and in doing so, get my revenge on the Edania Organization. I assure you, I am quite competent, and I have excellent references.”

Balthazar sneered. “Nobody at the Olympian Alliance should be called an excellent anything. They all betrayed Master Doren in his time of need.”

“Oh, dear, no. I’m not referring to them,” said Marina, shaking her head.

“She’s talking about me,” echoed a very deep, hollow voice.

“So, we have more unexpected guests…” said Doren, trying not to get enraged at the presumptuousness of it all.

A thick, dark fog descended upon the room, and a cloaked figure appeared from its midst. “You’re not being very hospitable, Doren. Being trapped in your own computer is no excuse for such rudeness.”

Flutura took a moth-shaped shuriken from her belt. “How dare you speak to Master Doren in such a manner! I ought to cut your tongue out!”

Balthazar quickly grabbed her hand and lowered it. “Don’t,” he said flatly.

On the computer screen, Doren’s shadowy figure took a step back. “M-Master Faust…my apologies. I didn’t realize it was you.”

Shock and horror filled Flutura as she watched the dark figure approaching. “Did he just call that man in the hood ‘Master’?” she whispered to Balthazar.

Balthazar didn’t utter a word, or even acknowledge her question. He stood as still as death, glaring at the man robed in black.

The man turned to Flutura. “Indeed he did, my dear,” he said in a pleasant tone. “My name is Faust. I am what is known as a Recruiter, much like the brilliant young Balthazar there.”

Balthazar bowed. “Th-thank you, sir. Although I’m nowhere near as brilliant as you are.”

Did Balthazar just bow down to someone? Flutura thought.“You’re a Recruiter…like Balthazar?” she said out loud. 

Faust nodded. “I am. In fact, I’m the oldest surviving Recruiter among all of the Corrupted. I’m the one that brought Balthazar into the darkness. I’m also responsible for recruiting Doren.”

Flutura quickly put her shuriken away and bowed her head. “Forgive my insolence. I had no idea.”

“I will forgive it this time,” Faust said pleasantly. “You didn’t know to whom you were speaking. Now then.” He turned his attention to Doren’s pixelated image. “I must insist that you let Marina aid you in getting the next Ark, Doren. She and Thistle were my most promising new recruits, but poor Thistle was cut down before she could really master her power. That said, I wish to give Marina a chance to exercise her Dark-Segol and kill those foolish agents for her sister’s sake.”

Marina held her hand out, and a luminous orb of water appeared above it. “I assure you, I am a very skilled water manipulator. I can create illusions with my water, much like Thistle could with her plants. And, although her illusions packed more of an offensive punch, mine are much more stable and almost impossible to escape once my victims become ensnared.”

Flutura grunted in anger. It looked like once again, her mission would be stripped of her.

Marina glanced over at Flutura and smiled. “Please don’t be too upset, dear. I know my sister’s personality was a bit…abrasive. I tried to make her more of a lady, but I suppose she was not granted our mother’s grace and charm like I was. I welcome any help I can get.”

Flutura turned her back on Marina. “There is no need for that. I have my own project to work on. I truly wish you luck on collecting the Ark,” she said as she stormed out of the central control room.

“My, my, my. Why is it that most of the female Corrupteds these days are so brutish?” Marina chimed. “Just because we don’t have our humanity doesn’t mean we’ve lost our ability to be civilized.”

“That’s enough of that, Marina,” said Faust.

Marina bowed regally. “My apologies.”

“Now,” said Faust as he turned his attention back to Doren. “My dear Marina has already found the Ark, and she has a plan to gather the energy to shatter its defenses.”

Marina nodded. “Yes, the Ark is in an abandoned water bottling plant, ironically enough.”

“Tell them your plan, Marina,” Faust instructed. 

She giggled. “Yes, of course.” The glowing ball of water dripped onto her hand, and her whole arm became a stream of water. “My entire body can turn to water, but it’s no ordinary water. Every drop is infused with Malkirite. My plan is to reopen this bottling factory and sell the ignorant citizens of the Force-Pointe Islands bottles of water infused with my dark energy. When they drink my water, it will slowly drain their life-energy without them even knowing. And since the water is from my body, all that energy will come back to me, and I’ll apply it to the Ark’s barrier.”

“What if the children from the Edania Organization come sniffing around?” asked Doren.

She seemed unphased. “Like I said, my water can also create illusions. Well, it’s a little more complex than that. To be more precise, my water can create an inescapable dimension of illusions. If they interfere with my plan, I will simply trap and kill them in there. Oh, I do hope they interfere. I very much look forward to drowning them in an ocean of sorrow,” she giggled.

Faust cackled. “Quite the young lady, wouldn’t you agree, Doren? While being forever the polite debutant outwardly, on the inside she’s wickedly devious.”

Marina scoffed. “I most certainly am not devious. I just wish to do away with those self-righteous rapscallions.”

“If the opportunity comes, seize it. But be warned,” said Doren.

Marina looked up at the computer screen with a frown.

“Do not seek these agents out,” he continued. “Or purposely draw them in. They may be mere children, but they’ve been able to best one of my most loyal servants, as well as your very own sister. It would be unwise for you to underestimate them.”

Her eyes sharpened as she stared at Doren. She managed a thin smile. “There is no need to worry, sir. I will not be bested. Rest assured, I will be completely focused on obtaining the Ark for you.”

“By the way, do you know which Ark it is?” asked Balthazar.

“I believe it is Jordan’s Ark,” Faust answered.

Balthazar pondered. “Jordan… Which of the agents was that?”

Doren huffed. “She was the one that could stop time… What an annoying little power. They have a time-stopper in this group, too.”

Marina picked one of the flowers out of her hair and stared at it longingly. “If it’s the time-freezer that will be contending for the Ark, that’s good news for me.”

“How is that good news for anyone?” asked Balthazar.

Marina slowly turned around to face Balthazar, twirling as if she were at a ball. She crushed the flower in her hands, smiling wickedly. “Let’s just say that I won’t be easy to freeze inside of anything, let alone something as insignificant as time.”

Balthazar looked at her in disbelief. “Tch, are you saying you’re immune to her time-stopping Segol? That’s quite unusual for a Corrupted of your rank.”

She looked at him graciously. “I’m not saying anything, love. You’ll just have to watch as I mop the floor with her and her foolish little friends.” She put her hand over her mouth and blushed. “Oops, that was not very ladylike. I apologize.”

Balthazar sighed. “Some other time, perhaps. I’m afraid I’ve got to go. Lots of evil things to do, so little time. Is there anything else you needed of me, Master Doren? Master Faust?”

“No, Balthazar. You may leave,” said Doren.

“It was good seeing you, my apprentice,” said Faust.

Balthazar nodded, and disappeared into the shadows.

“I truly hope Balthazar is pleasing you, Doren,” Faust said. “Has he brought in any good followers?” 

Doren nodded. “Yes, I am quite pleased with his work. He’s delivered a few good subordinates, and his skill of shadow manipulation is also quite useful. You trained him well.”

“Yes,” Faust said. “He was one of my favorite projects, much like Marina and her family. But she has little interest in being a Recruiter like me or Balthazar.”

Marina put both hands into the opposite sleeves. “You’re quite right. I don’t want to find people to follow others. I wish to find my own subjects that will follow my every command. At any rate, I think I shall take my leave.”

“Very well,” Faust said. “Go and wreak some havoc, young one.”

She looked offended. “I am a lady. I do not wreak anything. I’ll nurture and care for said havoc until fully developed, then I’ll let it bloom over all of these islands and enjoy the wails of sorrow like a symphony of death.” She giggled. “Well, goodbye for now. I will not disappoint you.” She bowed, then quickly vanished behind a pillar of water.

Faust turned back to Doren. “I believe I will go, too. I have a new group of people I’m working with for recruitment. Unfortunately, most of them are fools, but one truly shows promise. I’ll see you soon, old friend—hopefully next time you’ll be out of your computer prison.”

“Farewell, Master Faust,” Doren said with a bow.

Faust disappeared in a puff of dark smoke.

Flutura was pacing in her chambers. “Ooh, that wretched fish out of water! ‘I’m such a lady, I’m going to let you help.’ Well, I’d like to help, alright, help her dry up like a fish in the desert.”

Balthazar rose from the ground. “Do not fret, my sweet,” he said as he went to her.

She stepped away from him. “I’m not in the mood to see you, Balthazar. I want to be left alone.”

He held out a dead rose. “Please don’t be upset, my wicked little moth.”

She turned away from him. “Too late! This is the third time I’ve been overlooked. The Ark retrieval mission is supposed to be mine!”

“You’ll have your time to shine, don’t you worry.”

“Not with the obnoxious mermaid here. Ugh, no matter. Now I can focus my work on her.”

“Her?” repeated Balthazar. “Are you referring to whatever you have in your lab that you won’t let me see?”

“Yes,” she answered. “And I promise you that when I’m finished with my project, I will not be ignored again!”

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek! That’s all I have for today. Until next time, happy reading!

News on My Third Book

Hey, all! Just stopping by to let you know that I’m making great progress with the third book in the Edania Chronicles series! A big thanks to my editor for getting the job done so fast 😊

All that’s left for me to do is to make some final touches and it will ready for release! I’m still going to aim for mid-March, but keep an eye out for more news regarding its release.

That said, I’m going to treat you to a nice surprise next week: a sneak peek at my upcoming book. As I said, it’s the third installment of the Edania Chronicles series, called Welcome to Wacky Water World. It continues the story of the new team of Edanian agents and their quest to find the remaining Arks.

Here is the blurb:

It’s new. It’s yummy. It’s wacky. It’s…dangerous. Wacky Water has just hit the shelves, and it’s all the rage on the islands. Even better, a waterpark has opened at the Wacky Water bottling factory. On opening day, everyone at Force-Pointe High is there.

At the same time, a mysterious illness is going around school. Symptoms range from low energy and fatigue to hypothermia, and it seems that the more Wacky Water someone drinks, the sicker they become. Nobody seems to be making the connection between the water and the sickness. Nobody, that is, except for Abby and her friends. And when James has a vision of the next Ark, it seems to be surrounded by water.

Abby can’t seem to shake the feeling that the president of Wacky Water is hiding something. The woman seems like a typical high-powered executive, but there’s something in her eyes that Abby doesn’t like. Something cold. Something evil.

The team is tasked to investigate the Wacky Water World park, but are instructed not to make a scene…what’s the worst that can happen?

Well, that’s about it for this blog post. Until next time, happy reading everyone!

Status report

 Hey, all! Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy out there. For this blog post, I’m just going to give you a status report on the next book in the Edania Chronicles series.

Preliminary editing is done, and I’ve sent the manuscript to my editor. So, I’m going to aim to publish it on Friday, March 26th. I’ll be giving you weekly updates, as well as a sneak peek within the next few weeks.

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Character Profile: Dr. Barbaas







Dr. Barbaas is the head of genetic research at Doren Corp, and one of Doren’s most trusted henchmen. This twisted scientist has an aptitude for genetically engineering insects, turning your garden variety insects into monsters. Giant hornets that can shoot their stingers. Fluorescent tarantulas that can melt the flesh off of their victims. Rat-sized mantises that drain the energy from their prey. Cicadas that can cause blood vessels to rupture. He’s got a long list of sinister achievements. Add that to his short temper and sadistic nature and you have quite the volatile combination.  

His Primary Dark-Segol is called volatile Web. With it, he can manipulate the Malkiriite (the negatively-charged Segolite that is naturally found in the air) around him and channel it into his hands. With a single touch, he can burn his victims from the inside out. He can also use this ability to create barriers, though not as skillfully as other Corrupted.

His secondary Dark-Segol is passive. He can place his own Dark-Segol signature into his insectoid creations, which means that his mutant experiments are not only genetically modified, but they also have their own Dark-Segol signature. This means that any of his insects will have the same powers and limitations as any other Corrupted.

-Dr. Barbaas- Illustration by Jenny Ahern (Instagram: @aeonpigments)

Here’s to a Better Year

Hey, all! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Busy last couple of weeks. But, I’m back.

Let me also wish everyone a happy new year! I know we started off with a rough start, at least here in the US, but I truly hope this year will bring some good and healthy times. 

That said, there will be one or two changes to my blog posts. 

Instead of Mondays, I will be adding new blog posts every Friday. I got a new job, which means my work schedule has changed. I will try my best to post every week. 

Also, I am going to make some cosmetic changes to the site…or at least try my best. I will also include a page on my site where you can purchase my books. Please bear with me while the site is under construction, I am not the most tech-savvy, but I will try my very best. 

As for the Edania Chronicles series, I am currently doing one last readthrough before I send my third book to my editor. So, I’d say it’s progressing pretty well. Be on the lookout for some promotional material for it in the coming weeks. 

If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, here are the links for you to get your hands on them: 

Bugged Out!

Escape from Hotel Barbaas

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