Escape from Hotel Barbaas out now!

Hey, all! It’s official, Escape from Hotel Barbaas is out now! Here’s a little blurb about the book:

 A mysterious hotel that shifts rooms. A forest filled with killer plants. More mutant bugs.

At first, things seem to be back to normal for Kelly and her friends. James is lecturing everyone about proper hand washing, Abby is back to panicking about gymnastics, and Nick is the same old goofball.

But when James has a vision showing the whereabouts of the second Ark, their lives are once again thrown into chaos. At the Edania HQ they meet Gideon, an eccentric administrator of the organization who sends them to Soraya Woods, a place where Kelly and James know well.

They soon realize that things aren’t as quiet and tranquil as they remember. The woods have been overtaken by evil plants that attack if you get too close and insects that make the shadow mantises look like harmless butterflies.

They eventually find themselves at a beautiful but rundown hotel in the middle of the woods. But things aren’t at all what they seem. The two caretakers of the hotel seem a little too eager for them to stay, and there’s something moving in the walls…

You can purchase Escape from Hotel Barbaas here, and it’s available as an ebook or paperback.

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Well, that’s it for this blog post. Until next time, happy reading!

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