Progress report and Indie Wordsmiths Newsletter

Hey, all! This will be another short blog post. I have a lot to do this week, and I need to get started on it.

This month, it’s my turn to write the monthly newsletter for the Indie Wordsmiths. Be sure to check it out if you’re already subscribed to it. If not, go ahead and click here and subscribe if you want the latest information on what the Wordsmiths are doing. And, hey, you’ll even get some freebies and promotional material on occasion. I will be including something special in this month’s newsletter, as well as a bonus sneak peek at the next book in the Edania Chronicles series!

Next week, I’ll be continuing my character profiles, which I’m excited about. My series has a lot of interesting characters, and I look forward to introducing them to you! Let me know who your favorite character is so far in the comments.

Keep an eye out for more information on the second book in the Edania Chronicles series: Escape from Hotel Barbaas. I’ll reveal more as we get closer to the release date (which is still to be determined). I will definitely keep you posted with progress reports.

I’ve also decided to add something fun to the blog (at least it’s fun to me). Every month, I will be discussing a different infectious disease or other significant public health issue. I have a passion for learning about germs, and the immune system’s ability to combat them. I think it’ll be a great time…I mean, who doesn’t like talking about Gram staining and Kotch’s Postulates?

Well, that’s it for this week. Happy reading!

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