Indie Wordsmiths Video, Memorial Day and My Niece’s Graduation

Hey all! Before I talk about the Indie Wordsmiths video, I’d like to give honor to all of our brave heroes in the military who have sacrificed their lives for the good of the people. I write about fictional heroes that fight the forces of evil, but these men and woman fought true evil and fought for the freedom of all.

And this year, I think it’s particularly important to also give honor to those who serve as doctors, veterinarians and scientists in the military. It’s not just those trained in combat and warfare that should get respect, it’s those who do research. So, here’s a shoutout to all of the braniacs of the military, may you combat this viral threat like true soldiers!

Another thing I’d love to acknowledge is my oldest niece’s graduation. I love you, Taylor, you truly are an inspiration to everyone you meet! You can read more about her graduation here.

I’m so proud of you, Taylor!

Now, on to the video…my fellow Wordsmiths and I have made a video. In it, we introduce ourselves and discuss a few things, such as our respective books, why we got into writing, and, of course, the newsletter. We also give a few shoutouts, so I’d definitely give it a watch! Watch the video here.

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More news on the my next book next Monday. Until then, happy reading!

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