Character Profile: Nicklaus Scott

On the surface, Nicklaus Scott looks like your typical jock. Handsome, charming and athletic, it doesn’t take him too long to get everyone’s attention at his new school.  

Behind that boyish smile beats a lion’s heart. Brave and loyal, he would do anything for those he cares about. He hates bullies, and always makes it his duty to fight for those who can’t defend themselves.

Not very good at hiding his emotions, he tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. And despite his cheery disposition and friendly nature, he can be a hot head. His short-temperedness always seems to rev up when he perceives an injustice, and has gotten him in trouble from time to time.

He and his twin sister, Abby, grew up in a small town in California with their mom, stepdad and three siblings. His whole life he’d excelled at sports. Wrestling. Football. Lacrosse. But his favorite sport has always been basketball, outshining everyone else on the court. Being a natural athlete and having that five-star smile, he was always treated like royalty at school…until the day he got in trouble. Suddenly he found that all of his friends, everyone that told him they’d always be there for him were nowhere to be found.   

But Nick will soon learn that true friendship can come in the most unlikely of forms. Your real friends aren’t necessarily the people who share your talents or your interests. True friendship is something that stays strong, especially when tried by fire. And he and his small group of new friends will be tried harder than they could ever realize.

All Nick wanted to do was start over in this new town, a place where nobody would know about the mistakes he made. Now faced with an impossible choice, he and his new friends have to make a decision: accept their fate or choose to ignore it.

Nick’s bravery is about to be put to the ultimate test.  Can he accept his destiny? Can he come to terms with his past? What will happen if he messes up? Being the leader in such a dire situation is not all it’s cracked up to be…

Illustration by Jenny Ahern (Instagram: @aeonpigments)

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